Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It’s Time for Some Major Venting!

You ever have one of those days? All of you should know what I mean when I say ‘One of those days.’ I am sitting here are work trying my best to remain composed but I need an outlet, and my blog is it! Here is why I am pissed off. When you are finished reading it, please feel free to post what is ticking you off in the comments section below.

No Job for James
My husband, James, is still unemployed, but he had a job interview yesterday and today. The interview yesterday went really well. However, the interview he went to today was a bust for a few reasons. James drove about an hour away to the company’s main office but he would be working not far from where we live if he got the job. Yet, there was no interview. He got there, figured that the office was way too small to be legit, and just came back home. He never even got out of the car!

When he called and told me about this after he got back home, it took all I had to keep from telling him off. It wouldn’t do any good anyway since he was back at home. I asked if the office was in a rural area and he said yes. Bingo! Offices in rural areas tend to be smaller than their counterparts located in cities. I know he was cautious because he found out about it through Craigslist, but I feel like he did not think this one through. He knew he was going to an office and there was an office. He could have at least got out the car and checked it out. Nevertheless, he said he prayed about whether or not to go and he still didn’t feel right so he left. I had to pray that his instincts are correct because I am upset with him for driving all that way for nothing. He said that he would not drive that far again for a job lead and I agreed.

Little Gas, Abundant Whine
Unlike many families, we have to budget our gas out. For this week and next week we had $90 for gas and drive a regular Sedan. James is in charge of the gas money and has been doing great with not spending it on things other than gas. The above non-interview for today took a toll on our gas tank, and James said that we may not have enough money for gas to hold us until next week and that we may need to borrow money because we only had $20 left. One thing about me: I HATE borrowing anything from people, especially money.

He asked me if I could think of anyone to borrow from because he cannot think of anyone. I suggested that we only use the car to get me to and from work and religious functions (held three times a week). Do you know this fool had the audacity to complain that he does not want to be trapped in the house while I am at work? The nerve of this guy! I am trying to make sure the necessities are met in the household and he is worried about his trips to the library and driving around the neighborhood to get out of the house. If he wants to leave the house so badly then he needs to walk.

I told him that I can’t think of anyone either to borrow from and I’m not going to think or anyone. If he feels that inconvenienced by being stuck in the house, let him be the one to ask someone to loan him money. I couldn’t reach through the phone and given him a dummy smack like we used to do back in the day when people would speak nonsense.

Guys, you may want to skip this one, but women should know what I’m talking about when I mention UTI, that is, a urinary tract infection. I found out I had it last night. To be fair, it is completely my fault for holding my urine way too long yesterday while at work. I had UTI before so I knew all of the symptoms to recognize – frequent and painful urination, blood in the urine (a lot of blood this time), strong odor in the urine, and today I felt very mild discomfort in my kidneys. I whipped out my cranberry pills last night and I already notice an improvement. Still, I hate the feeling of having to pee a gallon of liquid when only about an ounce is released, and I cannot hold it at all right now. When I have to go, I have to GO. I have to wear pads for the time being because it will leak out in an instant.

No New Job, Yet
I recently posted about my struggles to find a new job after that slap-in-the-face bonus. I applied to another job with my company and have yet to hear about it. However, the take like two to three months to hire internal employees for some reason. I hate the waiting game. By the way, I was right – my raise got me an extra $30 per check. Well whoop-de-doo!

Tyler Perry
In my opinion, Tyler Perry is a talentless hack, and I am more upset with people that like him than with him. Besides, he came up with a good hustle without any skill. His comedies are not funny at all and his dramas are often overly dramatic. Heck, I can tell this by watching his commercials which was supposed to show the highlights of his movies and TV shows. However, I recently had my suspicions confirmed when I recently saw Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.

First of all, the only reason why I saw this movie is because James picked it out. Most of the actors did any awful job, but hats off to Lance Gross, Ella Joyce, Renee Taylor, and Vanessa Williams, all of whom did great jobs despite the poor writing. This movie had a good premise, but it needs a skillful writer and a way better lead than Jurnee Smollett-Bell. The only thing she was capable of doing is looking at the camera with an aloof look as if she forgot what she is supposed to be doing. Actually, if you replace Perry as the writer and director and Sollett-Bell as the lead, it may have been pretty good.

As for Peeples, there is no hope for that movie. James wanted to see that one too and insisted that I would like it. I laughed not once, and there were times where the actors themselves looked as if they cannot believe they are saying what they are saying and doing what they are doing, like they were in disbelief at being associated with such a stupid movie. My husband laughed his head off while I was looking straight-faced at it waiting for something that is actually funny to happen. I could not even finish the movie. When he got up to go to the store, I put something else in.

So what is America’s fascination with Perry, especially among the black community? Nine out of ten people I have talked to in person and online cannot stand his projects, so why is he still successfully turning out new junky projects? Are we so bored with reality TV that we are willing to take anything? When did entertaining others become a lazy hobby? This guy needs to take a few years off to really study his craft and become skilled with it.

Entertainment Industry
Is it just me, or do all movies fall within certain categories nowadays? I don’t mean categories like comedy, action, and drama, but they are all way too predictable, as if I’ve seen them all before. For example, when it comes to action movies, the stunts are all the same, the plot is the same usually a cop looking to clear his name or a top secret agent trying to fight crime or terror, and a lot of the same actors are used for them (Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Craig Daniel, etc). Comedies are either about dumb teens or college kids going through things that their real life counterparts would never experience, adult friends trying to find a man or woman by doing unnecessary things, or adult male or female bonding.  It’s ridiculous!

And what is with all of the language?! Something everyone should know about me is that I hate profanity to the core and have hated it every since I gave up the filthy habit in high school. There has been a few times that I was watching a PG-13 movie with more ‘fudge’ ‘shoes’ and ‘bridges’ than an actual thirteen year old should be hearing. A perfect example is Premium Rush. The movie was actually a really good movie with a novel plot, that is, it would have been a really good movie if it was not for all the language. It was terrible, and there are lots of movies like that.

Is it true that in order for a movie to be successful it has to be riddled with gratuitous profanity, sex, and extreme violence? I cannot stand movies where my ears and/or eyes have to be polluted. I do not need those things in order to relate to the characters, understand what is taking place, or perceive the character’s emotions - Bob does not have to curse his wife from head to toe for me to get that he is upset with her, Jane does not have to have a steamy sex scene with John for me to get that she likes him a lot, and Bill does not have to yank out Jesse’s eyeballs and genitals and stick them in his mouth for me to get that he hates him. Really, when did it become okay to depict these things in the movies? What is wrong with us as Americans that we like watching such things?

Short Cubicle Walls
I was sitting here a few hours ago minding my business when a colleague comes to my desk behind my chair. I greeted her but she did not acknowledge me at all. She started talking over my short cubicle wall to the person sitting on the other side and then left without saying a word to me as if it is okay to do that.

I am not completely against cubicles because many are big and private, but I hate the cubicles where I work because the walls are short - making it easy to do what my colleague did - and the top foot of the wall is glass. We used to have the prime cubicles in another building where we used to work, but they changed all of that. They tried to sell us on the change by saying it promotes camaraderie and gibberish like that, but I guess camaraderie means that rude colleagues can come to my desk to talk to others on the other side instead of walking around. The truth is that they wanted a better scope of what we are doing while at our desks.

Rising Cost of Food
‘Nough said.

Whiny Husband
I’m sorry, but I have to jump back to my baby for this one. I love James more than any other person on this earth and he is my best friend, but he is working my last nerve with his whining. The root of the problem is that the boy refuses to acknowledge just how down to the dollar we are. It is no longer the way it was when we were both working. Now that we have to live on one paycheck, I am doing the best I can to focus on what we need, but he keeps trying to squeeze some unnecessary things out and is getting on my nerves in the process. Here is what I am referring to, in addition to the gas issue mentioned earlier:

1)      When I got paid last week he said that he would like $50 for himself including $10 to put towards a bill he has. I was only able to give him $40 and he whined about how he has to have that extra $10. By the time I got off of work, I learned that his bill was unpaid and that he used most of his money to buy clothes from the thrift store. I was pissed off because he did not need new clothes at all, but the bills were paid and I was not dipping from bill money so he can go and play, so I didn’t let him have it. Do you know how much money I got for myself out of my paycheck that I busted my tail for? $0. ‘Why,’ you ask. Because I know how to do without while he is so set on having things a certain way.
2)      James will whine that we don’t have food in the house. Why? Because he does not know how to ration out his food for two weeks and when I try to do it for him he complains that he is still hungry. If I make 10 drumsticks, he can eat five in a day.  In the meantime, I’m sitting pretty because I don’t mind eating rice, grits, and cornbread, as long as I eat. He, on the other hand, keeps looking for meat with a side item.
3)      While shopping for household and laundry cleansing items, I am content to get everything I need from the dollar store and maybe three or four dollars on laundry detergent. James, on the other hand, insists on only using tried and true name brand items like Mr. Clean, Pine Sol, Gain, Downy, and Tide, which costs money. When I suggest that he try more budget friendly items he whines that it will not work as well and he must get the name brand items, and he has to buy everything. He doesn’t just buy name brand laundry detergent; he also has to buy the matching dryer sheets and fresh scent booster. He doesn’t just buy a name brand floor cleanser; he also has to buy the matching disinfectant spray.

James was raised in a very rich family where money was not an issue, but he is far from that lifestyle right now. I have tried to explain to him over and over again that we cannot indiscriminately spend money because when we do that we are hurting ourselves because bills are not getting paid. All I know for sure is that he can whine all he wants, but I am not budging when it comes to taking money from necessities so he can get a bottle of Champagne when all we can afford is a Four Loko and a smile.

What’s Eating You?Now it’s your turn. What do you need to vent about? What is making you angry right now? Leave your comments below.

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