Thursday, December 26, 2013

I'm Married!

The big day finally came! I was married on Saturday, December 21, 2013. Here are my worthless two cents on what happened on our special day.

The Preparation
Before walking down the aisle, a few things still needed to be taken care of. First off, James (all names changed) and I were planning on getting a simple bouquet of roses for me to walk down the aisle with from the floral section of our local grocery store.  We ended up having to go to three different stores before finding a bouquet that did not appear to be too old.

After that was squared away, we got down to the wedding hall and went to our respective chambers. I couldn’t tell you what was going on in his chamber, but on my side it was so much fun. I only had three women back there helping me and that is all I needed. Two were gofers and the other was my hairstylist. I am so thankful to all of them for their help. One of them even altered my dress a little. And yes, I did have two shots of something before I left the house to help me get through everything.

The Ceremony
The one thing that I absolutely dreaded was the walk down the aisle, and going through the motions during the rehearsal did not help. I just knew that I would trip, fall, or in some other way make a spectacle of myself. However, none of that happened. In fact, I was not nervous at all to walk down the aisle because I was so focused on my steps being in tune with the man I was walking with. Actually, the most nerve-wrecking part was the first five minutes of sitting on the stage, and James said that was the most nervous part for him too.

The ceremony was really good. It was jam-packed with different Scriptures that discuss the institution and sanctity of marriage. When that was over, we were told to stand and repeat the vows. James and I were so ready for the whole thing to be over that we looked at the minister and said them instead of looking at each other. Anyway, we were presented to the audience as man and wife, walked out, took some pictures and greeted folks, and that was that. It was all over, thank God!

The Reception
Things went great at the reception. The food was delicious, the dessert was scrumptious, and the guests were crazy as usual. James and I even reluctantly did our newlywed dance (ugh!) and we somehow survived. I love how it was not too scheduled and we were free to mingle with everyone. We also were adamant about wanting a small reception of about thirty people and that is just what we got. It was so wonderful to have our closest friends sharing in our joy.

The After Party
An after party? Um don’t y’all want to hurry up and get to the honeymoon fun, you ask. Of course we did, but the reason why we wanted to have an after party is to hang with the core friends that have been supportive of us as individuals and in our relationship with each other and toss back a few drinks. James and I decided not to serve alcohol at the reception because there were some there with past drinking problems that we did not want to stumble, so we put together the after party to chill out after a day of pomp and circumstance.

Honestly, I really wanted to cancel the after party so that we could get to the honeymoon fun, but I am happy that we did do it. At least two of the people there really did need encouragement because of the things they were going through, and we all had fun. It was held at our place.

The Haters
Come on. Did you really think I would leave this section out after writing the entry 'Happiness For Others, Hard?' Of course not! I just want to say that our day was most special and happy and I would not change a thing. We actually did not focus on anything the haters were doing, but that does not meant that we did not notice them at all.

Remember Malina? To her credit, she was there. However, she flew the coop right after the wedding ceremony was done. Then one of her family members invited us over for dinner one day. Before you say, But Erica, that sounds peaceful, I would be shocked if we are ever invited over for dinner. You know how people give vague invitations for an unspecified time in the future in the name of being cordial? That’s the kind of invitation that this was. Even James said a few days later that we are never being invited over her house.

As for India, she is the only one from her family who was there. She even gave me a phony half-hearted hug and congratulated us.

That’s it We only noticed two haters as far as our special day goes. Not too bad. But James and I had a conversation about how he has noticed that a few men are upset that he is taking me off the market and I have noticed the same frustration from some women, but he concluded that if anyone else was interested, they should have made their move. So people, what do we learn? If you like someone, make your move before someone else comes along and takes them away from you forever.

The Honeymoon Fun
I will not give many details about the fun aspect of the honeymoon, but I will say that it was just exquisite. I am happy that James and I waited before experiencing each other in that capacity. It was much more meaningful.

The Honeymoon
The honeymoon was awesome! I took only a few pictures because I kept forgetting to take them. We were worried that everything would be closed for the holidays, but quite a few things were open. And the weather was unbelievably warm for it to be in the end of December. Nonetheless, I do wish we could have lingered a bit instead of constantly moving from place to place. As I mentioned before, James does not like to linger and take things in, but he feels like he has to keep moving.  I hope that will change as he gets older. I do not want to feel like I am constantly living in the future and letting the moment escape me.

Back to Life
Now that our honeymoon is over, it is back to life as usual for James and me. We are very much in love and are eager to get on with each other as husband and wife. Are we scared about what the future holds? Sure. Who would not be? But we would rather face the future together than apart.

What was your wedding day like? Would you do anything differently? How has life been after the honeymoon was over?

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