Tuesday, November 26, 2013

'Tis the Season...For What?

As I was driving this morning, I took time to note that Christmas music is being played already. Usually it doesn’t start until after Thanksgiving, but I guess some stations decided to start a little earlier. As I was reflecting on the holiday season, specifically Christmas, I couldn’t help but wonder about the real reasons people celebrate, so I decided to give my worthless two cents about it.

Here is what I mean. When the Christmas season comes around, people give all of the right answers for things they look forward to most – being with family, reflecting on Christ Jesus’ life and the significance of it, sharing in the joy of giving, and promoting peace. Most people wouldn’t have an issue with any of these things. However, the funny part to me is that the reasons people say they celebrate Christmas often does not measure up to the reality.

For example, those who look forward to being with family are the same ones who complain about how they hate being with certain relatives they can’t stand every year; those who look forward to reflecting on Jesus’ life and the significance of it utter not one word about him when reflecting on what they actually did for the holiday; those who look forward to the joy of giving are the same ones who complain about lame gifts they received; those who look forward to promoting peace are the same ones who recall how they got drunk or high and caused all kinds of problems because of it.

So what is the real spirit of Christmas as shown, not by what others say they look forward to, but by what they actually do? Is it possible that Christ has been taken out of Christmas in favor of some of the very things he spoke against? And what about the price tag many companies associate with the holiday season? How many times have we heard, ‘Gotta eat some fast food chicken. Fa-la-la-la-la la-la la-la,’ ‘O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree. I’m glad I bought you at Mike’s,’ or ‘Regis sales! Regis sales! Regis all the way’? And the barrage is nonstop on the radio and television. 

They says turnaround is fair game, so I'll ask myself the same question: Self, what do you look forward to during the holiday season each year? I am a Christian, and what I look forward to is sharing a Bible verse with my neighbors. Since that is the time of year that people think more about Jesus than other times, they are usually very happy to hear a Scripture, especially one about Jesus from the gospels.

People, what do you think? What do you really look forward to during the Christmas season? Is it the food and drink, or sales and presents? Do you view it as a means of ridding yourself of religious guilt for not carrying out some religious service the way you think you should have? Do you not look forward to anything about it or even dislike it but go along with it in the name of tradition? Or do you really look forward to something good and have the track record to prove it? Let’s get real here on the anonymous web. 

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